Q: What is Viral Crypto?

Viral Crypto is a Donation peer-to-peer program where members willingly give their contribution in form of donation and every month in return get donations. Viral Crypto is a worldwide podium of nonstop funding. And its play role in various sector for raising funds for personal purposes or for charity organization, schools and nonprofit organization etc.

Q. How does Viral Crypto work?

At the time of joining Viral Crypto its work like community base only for those who show their interest in donating and that’s why you avail this chance to donate voluntarily on monthly basis to member who already invited you to be part of this community and also you receive donations from those people who invite you to become the part of this.

Q.Is this a Ponzi or a pyramid scheme?

A. a pyramid scheme means that only the top members get paid whereas peer to peer programs like viral crypto allows
every member to earn the same amount by doing the same amount of work. You can receive more donations than the person who signed you up. A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid. we are not in this category either nor related too

Q. How do I join Viral Crypto?

It’s too simple to join this community base platform so you must ask the person who is inviting you and then member will give you one unique like. So you can join after clicking and register with this provided link.

Q. Is Viral Crypto available worldwide?

If you have Internet Connection Anywhere in the World then it’s would be available to all and a Bitcoin wallet!

Q. What donation system /pay processors are used?

Only Bitcoin used to make donation. You Must Open Blockchain Accounts ie is; Blockchain dot info site For a BTC account as blockchain is very fast , instant you wont miss any payments from your receiver.

Q. Can i Donate Bitcoin outside U.S Or Worldwide To Anyone Or Anywhere?

Bitcoin is a global payment network, and accepting it enables Viral Crypto to accept donations from anywhere in the world.Anyone with an Internet connection and a bitcoin digital wallet can donate bitcoin to Viral Crypto

Q. Can I have more than one account?

Yes, But Not Under Your Same Account. If we find we will simply delete because this is considered heaping which is unethical!

Q. Will Viral Crypto Make a Profit From Users Donation?

No. As a non-profit organization, Viral Crypto does not make a profit from its activity

Q. Are there any refunds?

No refund will be given, Donations mean to be given and receive gladly. Our system doesn’t interrupt and no mechanism or control over donations transferring between members.

Q. I don't have a bitcoin wallet where do I go to open a bitcoin wallet.

We only recommend you to go through Bitcoin wallet, use these links https://blockchain.info/wallet/ 

Q. What does the "due date" mean in the back office?

Due date mean you next payment for that level is pending.

Q. Do we only upgrade to the next level after 1 calendar month?

Upgradation is mandatory for the next level and in case if you neglect or ignore then will miss out on donations coming to you for these levels.

Q. Are you allowed to upgrade even though your level is not filled up eg to be on level 3 you must have 8 downline, does that mean you have to get exactly 8 before upgrading to level 4?

Members can upgrade at Anytime and quicker you act makes sure you will not miss out on any donations.

Q. Where do I get the option to switch between 2 and 4 direct downlines I saw that in the forum but when look under setting I do not see that option?

We have skipped this option temporarily and may can add it again when matrix fills up for members periodically.

Q. Is it possible for downlines to upgrade to your upline instead of you if you're not on that level yet?

Members have always very distinctive experiences in the system. So every time don’t miss your chance to upgrade your level. And if you don’t upgrade then you will miss donations for the levels.

Q. When will two people be assigned to me? I was under the impression that as each person (which has grown since I joined) joins they are assigned under each person and so forth under my level?

Find two people who will join under you and then you help them to find their next 2 people to develop your team.

Q. Why does my referral link show up with Administrator when clicked on and not show my name?

pl clear all the cookies in your browser setting.

Q. Do we have to donate .03btc every month?

It’s simple to understand that for each level every month to get donations you will upgrade/donate for each level every month.

Q. When using the hash id to submit proof of donation the system says Hash ID already used.

pl check if u have upgraded and use blockchain for all transactions in viral crypto.


- Important Info For Users -

Viral Crypto is Available World-Wide! It is a Person-To-Person ( Peer To Peer ) Direct Donation! No Admin fees! No Hidden Fees!

The System was designed in such a way that it can be used by Fundraisers, such as Charities, Churches, Schools, Clubs, Non-profit Organistaions, family, and personal financial needs etc etc..

No Donations Collected Or Accepted by the Admin rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s Bitcoin Wallet to another member’s Bitcoin Wallet.