This service is provided on an as is, as available service. We make no guarantees of any kind, either expressed or implied.
    You understand that there is specific guidelines and policies in place

    You also understand that you have to gain yourself of how Viral Crypto works before you join Viral Crypto, failing to Step-up (Upgrade, make a 0.03BTC donation to the person that invited you) will affect the system to remove your account, you are welcome to join again and get a second 24-hour period to decide to contribute, failing to participate will get you barred from joining the Viral Crypto community again.

    You have read and understood that "Spamming" and or cross recruiting meaning communicating other members in a try to indorse ANY other chance to ANY fellow Viral Crypto applicant is grounds for "Instant" account deferral which eliminates you from receiving spill over, new sign-ups as well as donations.

    Under no conditions, including carelessness, shall anyone involved in creating, producing or allocating this service, be answerable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or momentous damages that result from the use of, or failure to use this service, and all the files and software contained within it, including, but not limited to, dependence on any information obtained through this service; or that result from errors, omissions, disruptions, obliteration of files or e-mail, errors, defects, viruses, delays in operation, or transmission, or any failure of performance, whether or not limited to acts outside our control, communications failure, stealing, damage or illegal access to our records, programs or services.

    We reserve the right to add or confiscate features and amend any functionality, make changes on how the platform works, manage memberships, within Viral Crypto, and otherwise make changes to the service and this agreement without notice.

    We may dismiss without notice, at our sole decision, any membership believed to be in break of this agreement or otherwise found to be abusing or mistreating the service, or distressing the other members or administrator in any way.

    In the unlikely event that this program should ever dismiss its operations, it's creator, machinists, employees, assigns and beneficiaries shall not be held responsible for any loss whatsoever to our members.

    Sites and individuals involved with the following activities are NOT ELIGIBLE: selling, providing or linking to unlicensed content, pornography, warez, pirated software, hacking or spamming software, email address lists or harvesting software, or any materials endorsing violence, hatred, revenge, racism, victimization, or criminal activity.

    We make no rights on how much money you can make with our program. Your capacity to earn depends on a number of factors, including where and how (and how often) you advertise the program, and the inspiration and ability of those in your up lines, to make referrals. Individual results will vary.

    Members caught spamming or otherwise causing harm to our program will have their accounts dismissed, and maybe prosecuted for their actions. We will investigate all accusations before taking action.

    All donations you happily and directly send to a fellow participant are final. No refunds.

    You understand that all donations will be made directly by donators to you to your payment processor, and that any problems you have regarding such matters should be taken up with your respective merchant account provider.

    You agree to accept email updates regarding Viral Crypto. We will never overwhelm you with emails or spam. Report spam and other abuse via the contact form.

    Please include the entire spam email with headers.

    If any member is caught heaping, Viral Crypto reserves the right to move the loaded accounts further down the matrix and/or block the stacked accounts.

    Enjoy giving and receiving donations with Viral Crypto.

    The Viral Crypto Team